• “When I press the power button there is a flashing light but it doesn’t come on”
  • • There may be an issue with the power Jack. We can sort that out for you! The signal shown by your laptop is also typically a sign of needing a new battery. If it still doesn’t come on when connected to power your power jack may need repairs!
  • “I press the power button and all the lights turn on and it seems to be on but I don’t see anything on the screen!”
  • • There may be an issue with the screen, the chipset ot possibly the LCD cable. It sounds like your problem is with the hardware, which we specialise in. Get in touch to have one of our technicians check it out.
  • “I press the power button and nothing happens!”
  • • This is the most common problem. Sometimes this is simple to fix and other times it isn’t. Get in touch with us so we can have a closer look and give you an accurate quote all free of charge!